About us

At Rainbow Powder Coatings Ltd, We thrive on our service and quality. We are one of UK’S ever expanding powder coatings specialists with clients nationwide, providing services at competitive prices. With over 35 Years of combined experience we understand the demands within the powder coating industry.

We offer the finest finishing  at Rainbow Powder Coatings Ltd,  We understand the quality and demand in the Industry, which we have a vast amount of experience, knowledge and most importantly expertise within the industry. The majority of our clients include the following: shop fittings, shutters, bulk railings, racking & many more,  We thrive on quality and fast turnaround, We have friendly staff in our environment who will ensure your work is delivered on time. Our conveying system ensures you a guaranteed quick turn-around time.

We have over 8 Transportation vehicles delivering to clients locally and nationally, aiming to get your work delivered to you within 24 hours ( Available on Request )

Below is our Size & Production Capabilities

A. Tunnel Oven (Large) 30m x length x 2m width x 3.5m high
B. Tunnel Oven (Large) 20m x length x 1m wide x 2m high
C. Box Oven (Small) Long x 8m length x 2m width x 2.5m high

We also have Pre – Treatment facilities available

For further information please contact us on  01924 400 719